Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Daily Hump: Kneed

The knee. Dull stuff. Honestly, the only reason I chose knee for today's hump is because I thought it'd be fun to take a Nutella jar and Photoshop "Patella" onto it. In case you don't know patella is the scientific name for the knee-cap and is a diminutive of the Latin patina, meaning "plate" (because of its shape).

Similarly, Catholics use a small plate, a paten, to hold the host during the Eucharist. The Catholics are also known for genuflecting, the act of bending the knee, usually during worship. Genuflect is from the Latin genu (knee) + flectere (to bend). The Latin genu has analagous forms in other languages: Sanskrit janu, Greek gonu, Gothic kniu and Old English cneo. From the OE it's not difficult to see where our modern spelling comes from.

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You are correct in your assumption that "Patella" on a "Nutella" jar is funny. It's very funny.
Blogger Loocite, at 10:12 AM  

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