Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Banal Cavities

If you enjoy etymologies you're probably subscribed to a number of "word of the day" newsletters. I'm subscribed to a few including wordsmith.org, Merriam-Webster and AskOxford.

AskOxford prides itself on the obscurity of its choices (hellerwork, aspergillum, bottomry). M-W chooses words that I wouldn't classify as totally commonplace, but they're pretty lame (symposium, adulate, gourmand). And WordSmith falls somewhere inbetween (cakewalk, flummery, delate). During its brief existence WordHumper has experimented with positions along the usage spectrum--but really, other than ship-insurers who cares about bottomry? And symposium? Humping symposium is as interesting as sitting through a symposium on bottomry. No thank you.

No, from this point forth WordHumper will be charting a new course. We'll be looking at the everyday-words you've likely taken for granted. For the loyal readers that means more cat, goat and Welsh. And, sure, occassionally we may still hump a gormagon, but that will be the exception. I'm not sure how to pithily encapsulate WordHumper's new mission, but with apologies to MGM, we do not subscribe to the maxim Hump gratia Humptis.

The Daily Hump returns tomorrow.
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Huzzah! Your loyal readers rejoice!
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