Thursday, January 04, 2007

Hump Alert!!! is like an Amber Alert, only it's different because children aren't being abducted and you're not going to see this message on an electronic traffic-condition sign...yet.

Today's Hump Alert!!! comes to us courtesy of Gawker which writes:
A few years ago, when the Brazilian bikini wax craze first hit, we dutifully trekked to our local salon and subjected ourselves to the excruciatingly painful defenestration process.
Defenestration comes from the prefix de- meaning "out of the..." plus the Latin fenestra, meaning "window." In my opinion waxers must be a bit warped by the sheer nature of their job, but I'm sure waxers who throw their clients out the window are just fucked in the head.

UPDATE: Now the post reads "deforestation"--literally wrong but at least now it relays a more correct image, however disturbing.

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