Monday, August 21, 2006

The Tedium of Office-Speak: Good Words Gone Bad

Many corporate-types think hiding behind a bunch of over-used words and phrases makes them sound intelligent. They should reconsider; they are only embarrassing themselves. And these words.

I propose the following words be banned from offices everywhere:

Utilize – Because no word has ever been more over-utilized. It’s also a bit pretentious.

Offline – As in, “Let’s take this offline.” Usually this is said in a meeting, meaning, let’s have a private conversation later. But you’re not online. So you can’t go offline. See?

Verbiage – This, like utilize, is used by pretentious people to mean “copy.” Just say copy. “I need some copy for the paragraph about doo-dangers.”

*This will be an ongoing column, because there is a glut of worthy words being abused in today’s offices. And someone has to stand up for them. Someone has to Hump them!


:: posted by Caroline Hickey, 10:18 AM


Someone in my office recently called me a Merkin and everyone laughed but me because I don not know what it means? Any ideas?
Blogger smiley, at 12:09 PM  
Dear Merkin,
You must be a hairy, wiry little fellow. Someone in your office doesn't like you, because he/she just called you a pubic hair wig.
Blogger Caroline Hickey, at 3:21 PM  
That is really gross...o I am so embarrased....but kind of laughing too...this website is awesome!!!
Blogger smiley, at 3:56 PM  

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